Medicaid Resources


  • (IDOE, March, 2023): Medicaid Eligibility Changes As many as 500,000 Hoosiers could be impacted by upcoming Medicaid eligibility changes required by federal law, which ends pandemic-related eligibility provisions on Friday, March 31. This means regular determinations for coverage will begin again, and actions to adjust, reduce, or eliminate coverage will be allowed beginning in April. FSSA sent communications to Medicaid-covered individuals explaining the actions they need to take to maintain their eligibility. Flyers, social media toolkits, and other resources to explain the change and next steps here. A poster with a QR code that can help individuals quickly update their contact information can be found here and is available in multiple languages. Contact FSSA with any questions.
  • (CounselorTalk, February, 2023) THE COVERING KIDS & FAMILIES’ SCHOOLS COMMITTEE: Medicaid Resources – We hope you will join our collective effort to ensure Hoosiers either keep their Medicaid or find other health insurance coverage as Medicaid “unwinds” and returns to normal operations beginning in April. The toolkit is for community organizations, businesses, faith-based organizations, schools, health centers and other medical providers. With one in three Hoosiers currently enrolled in a Medicaid program, an “all hands on deck” approach is the best way to avoid a dramatic increase in the number of uninsured Hoosiers. Contact with any questions.