Dropout Prevention

Dropout prevention is an important part of our role in schools. 


Dropout prevention is an important part of our role in schools. 


    • By every metric, high school graduates fare better than non-graduates in adult life.
    • Proactive intervention is key and needs to begin early in a child’s academic career. Collaboration with students and parents is key.



      • Why do students drop out?
        • poor attendance- missing more than 20 days of school annually in grades 9-11
        • not doing homework
        • falling behind on credits
        • having an IEP
        •  ISTEP re-tester
        • not involved in school activities
        • on or been through Probation
        • In or been through Foster Care
        • Absence of active and/or strong parental guidance
        • no hope, no direction or vision beyond high school
        • have to work to support family
      • Grad Academy (students meet 1/2 day to get caught up with credits and 1/2 work based learning. In most cases students are low C40 or General Diploma.)
      • There are online credit recovery programs available. Sometimes a shortened or adjusted school day is an option.
      • JAG is too expensive for small, rural schools
      • We work with our local career center who does HSE classes if we get to that point and they work with a local place who provides support and money to pay for the test.


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