IDOE: Legislative Guidance


Legislatively-Required and Other Guidance Surrounding Newly-Enacted Legislation

Following the close of each legislative session, the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) immediately begins working to implement newly-enacted legislation impacting K-12 education, which includes compiling guidance for educators. Guidance is a product of robust cross-agency collaboration and partnership with countless stakeholders. Any future updates will be added to this comprehensive guidance document and shared via the weekly newsletter.


  • The guidance document is a live document.  You can find it’s most recent date of update at the top right corner of each page.



  • (Added 10/4/23, Michelle Clarke, IDOE): In response to questions about HB1002 requirements on CounselorTalk: Per SECTION 20.IC20-30-5.6, the career fair requirement does begin July 1, 2023 along with the 30 minute meetings. You can reference Indiana Code at You will look for HB 1002, then click on the left-hand side where it says the latest version. Guidance on the 30 minute meetings will be coming from CHE. July 1, 2024 is when the instruction on career awareness must begin.


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