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The Indiana Department of Education provides a wealth of information and resources to educators across Indiana.


  • Student-Centered: To have the most positive impact on student learning, we will keep students top of mind and make every decision based on the needs of individual learners.
  • Inclusive and Collaborative: We are committed to activating communities by engaging partners throughout the state.
  • Champions of Educators: Our educators are critical partners in our students’ education journeys, and we will prioritize supporting them and elevating our profession.
  • Data- and Results-Driven: We will rely on data and results to shape innovative solutions, guide decision-making, drive student learning, and measure the impact of public policy.
  • Transparent and Trustworthy: We will make accurate data readily available to ensure public understanding.
  • Future-Focused: Since our rapidly changing economy will require continuous education for a growing number of Hoosiers, we will encourage increased innovation within our education to workforce continuum to meet the needs of an uncertain future economy.


  • (Added 4/23/24, IDOE Update):  Crossing the Finish Line 2024 – For the fourth consecutive year, high schools across the state are partnering with IDOE, the Commission for Higher Education (CHE), and higher education institutions to help more students earn a credential of value. Research shows that increased levels of educational attainment positively impact students’ future quality of life, health, living wage, employment, and sustained earning. Through Crossing the Finish Line, eligible students can receive free tuition and books at Ivy Tech or Vincennes University. Many eligible students have already begun spring 2024 courses so that they can earn a credential prior to graduation. Guidance from IDOE regarding how to sign your students up for summer 2024 courses with Ivy Tech and Vincennes University will be shared directly with schools in the coming weeks. Contact the Office of Student Pathways and Opportunities with questions.
  • (Added 3/19/24, IDOE Update):  Upcoming PREPaRE Workshops – IDOE, in collaboration with Project AWARE, is providing training opportunities for school personnel using the National Association of School Psychologists’ PREPaRE model. These workshops will provide school personnel with comprehensive training on how to establish and serve on school crisis response teams.
    • PREPaRE Workshop 1: Two regional one-day workshops will be offered to school mental health professionals, administrators, and security officers from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. local time, on Wednesday, June 5, and Thursday, August 15. Workshop 1 emphasizes the unique needs and functions of school safety and crisis response teams and the important steps needed to develop cohesive and sustainable teams that integrate school personnel and community service provider roles. The focus of the workshop will explore how to prepare for school crises by developing, exercising, and evaluating crisis preparedness plans. Register here. Space is limited.
    • PREPaRE Workshop 2: Three regional two-day workshops will be offered to all professionals within districts who provide mental health crisis intervention services from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. local time. Workshop 2 teaches participants how to prevent and prepare for psychological trauma, help to reaffirm both the physical health of members of the school community and students’ perceptions that they are safe and secure, evaluate conduct psychological triage, respond to the psychological needs of the school community utilizing a multitiered approach, and examine the effectiveness of school crisis intervention and recovery efforts. Participants must be able to attend both days. The first will be held in Indianapolis on Monday, May 6, and Friday, May 10, the second in La Porte on Tuesday, June 11, and Wednesday, June 12, and the third in Bedford on Wednesday, August 28, and Thursday, August 29. Learn more here and register here. Space is limited.
  • (Added 1/19/24, IDOE Update):  Employability Skills Playbook  – IDOE, in partnership with America Succeeds and Learner Centered, recently released the Employability Skills Playbook for district and school leaders seeking to develop and measure students’ employability skills, specifically collaboration, communication, and work ethic. You can also view our on-demand webinar in the Indiana Learning Lab that introduces the new playbook, and shares tips on how to best use the tool. Please contact Michelle Clarke with any questions or feedback.
  • (Added 1/12/24, IDOE Update):  Additional Enhancements Coming Soon to Indiana GPS : IDOE is preparing to launch a new round of enhancements to Indiana GPS and also refresh the data to include 2023. These updates will include a map feature, allowing users to search for schools by zip code, address, or city, and to filter by performance indicator, as well as a “favorite” feature, allowing users to compare selected schools based on the performance indicators that matter most to them. As we have done previously, schools will have access to an embargoed pre-release in advance of the public launch. Superintendents and principals will receive a direct email next Friday, January 19, with additional instructions to access the embargoed pre-release. Contact with any questions.
  • (Added 12/15/23) Employability Skills Playbook: The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) designed this playbook to support district and school leaders as they help students develop in-demand employability skills that prepare them to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s workforce. 
  • Indiana Course Access Network: The Indiana Course Access Network is a collection of projects with the goal of providing students with flexible coursework options and expanding course offerings. These projects include the Indiana Course Access Portal (iCAP) and Well-Rounded Course Access (WRCA) platforms. iCAP and WRCA offer supplementary online high school, dual enrollment, and advanced placement courses for students across the state. Visit IDOE’s Indiana Course Access Network webpage for more detailed information and current courses. Contact IDOE’s Office of Digital Learning with any questions.
  • Indiana Graduates Prepared to Succeed (Indiana GPS)
  • Crossing the Finish Line Information
    •  Crossing the Finish Line Summary of Details

      • Eligible students can receive free tuition and books at Ivy Tech or Vincennes University (fees are also covered!)!
      • To qualify, students must be just a few credits away from earning the Indiana College Core or another high-value credential (associate degree, technical certificate, or another short- or longer-term credential).
      • Over the past two years, nearly 5,200 high school students have participated, earning nearly 2,100 total credential completions and saving over $3.9 million in tuition, fees, and textbook costs.
      • In 2022 alone, over 335 Indiana high schools participated!
      • Classes begin in June, so thank you for continuing to work with Ivy Tech/Vincennes to help your students get started today!


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