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  • What standards does your school follow regarding parent consent to receive counseling services?

[As] a licensed social worker and we have a code of ethics.  I get written consent unless it’s a crisis or unless I am in the IEP (MHT).  I do not get consent for general classroom guidance activities since I figure that is part of the overall curriculum.  I also try to have really good relationships with my parents and make every effort to normalize my role as part of their child’s educational experience.

I was told by a lawyer at DOE that we do not need parent consent.  Our services are a part of the school curriculum.  Just like they cannot ask that their child not take math, they cannot ask for their child to not receive school counseling services.

The standard I was taught in my program was that we could see students 3 times for the same issue before we need consent.

If I remove a child from classroom instruction for scheduled meetings, groups or individual interventions, I will get parent permission.  I would be uncomfortable pulling a child from class more than once without at least a parent conversation.  (Counselor Talk, Sept. 2017)

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