ScholarTrack is a one-stop shop for guiding Hoosier students and families through the process of applying for and maintaining state-based financial aid. NOTE: 21st Century Scholars also use ScholarTrack to meet the Scholar Success Program requirement.


  • Apply for state financial aid, such as the 21st Century Scholarship and the Next Generation Hoosier Educators Scholarship
  • Complete your Scholar Success Program activities (both high school and college)
  • Check the status of your FAFSA, college credit completion, and more
  • See what financial aid you are being offered from the state
  • Submit and view appeals
  • Access additional college and career success resources.



  • (CounselorTalk, 6/2/23): Q: If a student graduates after their Junior year, do I go in and edit/change their cohort year on Scholar Track to reflect the year they graduated (for example, a student who has cohort 2024 who graduated this year – would I edit the Cohort year on Scholar Tack to make her as Cohort 2023? – I want to make sure she can get the Mitch Daniels Early Grad Scholarship.)
    • (Michelle Ashcraft, CHE): We do change cohorts in ScholarTrack for juniors who graduate early. Thus, any 2024 cohort students graduating early can be updated to 2023 cohort. (Note: We do not change cohorts for seniors who graduate early in December.) If you need any assistance with updating ScholarTrack, you can contact your designated Outreach Coordinator for your region. Those in the East Region, you can reach out to until your new Outreach Coordinator is in place.


If you have suggestions, feedback, or resources, please email and let us know.