Student Success Skills


Student Success Skills is a K-12 evidence-based model that helps students develop key cognitive, social and self-management skills.


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  • We did a research study with it two years ago at a local elementary school and got both great results and a good response from teachers and students…the gist of it is that it made a difference on teacher ratings of student learning behaviors. (Dr. Nick Abel, Butler University)
  • When I was at the DOE several years ago we brought a training to Indiana for about 20 counselors and they loved it. It is one of the most research-based programs for school counseling going. (Matt Fleck)
  • I used it when I did my practicum with elementary and secondary students.  The younger students seemed to enjoy it–I wasn’t there to know if test scores improved. Older students shared that they thought it was ‘gimmicky’ in some ways–but most could see or found some pieces useful.
  • We used it 6-7 years ago.  Each lesson seemed to take twice as much time as prescribed.  I personally felt it had too many concepts and I couldn’t cover any of them well.
  • We use it at Scottsburg Middle School with 6th grade – we love it!  Very skill-driven, low-cost, effective – teachers love it too!


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