Weighted Grades


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High school GPAs are measured on one of two scales: weighted or unweighted. The weighted scales typically go up to a 5.0. A weighted scale will factor in the difficulty of the student’s classes, so an A in an honors class translates to a full grade point higher than an A in a low-level class. Weighted GPA is often used by high schools to better represent students’ academic accomplishments.


  • The main difference between the two grading scales is that weighted GPAs take into account the difficulty of your coursework and unweighted GPAs don’t.
  • A truly elite GPA under the weighted system will actually be close to a 5.0. A 4.0 may be the commonly accepted gold standard, but with weighted GPAs everything shifts upward.
  • With a weighted GPA, class rank is more likely to reflect academic drive and ability because GPA is a reflection of both grades and the levels of the classes in which they have been earned.




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