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Evidence Based Activities and Interventions

Delivering evidence-based school counseling activities and interventions can improve your program’s overall success – and gain increased administrative support. There are several on-line tools to help you find activities that fit your students' needs.

Next Level Programs of Study

CTE was included as part of Indiana's overall Strategic Workforce Plan submitted in March of 2020 as part of the federal Workforce and Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA). The Perkins V State Plan will guide CTE policy at the state level in the upcoming years, including the implementation of Next Level Programs of Study.

Indiana Youth Institute

BRIEF SUMMARY For three decades, the Indiana Youth Institute has supported the youth services field through innovative trainings, critical data, and capacity-building resources, aiming every effort at increasing the well-being of all children.  IYI believes that every child counts. When…

ASPE (Alternative Supervised Physical Education)

In 2009, the State Board of Education made several rule changes, including the definition of Physical Education credit, the intent was to allow schools more flexibility in working with students and engaging them in challenging content.


School counselors recognize and distinguish individual and group differences and strive to equally value all students and groups. School counselors are advocates for the equitable treatment of all students in school and in the community.


Neglect is the failure of a parent or other caregiver to provide for a child’s basic needs.

CLEP Tests

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams are college-level tests that anyone can take to earn credit toward a college degree.