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Virtual Learning

BRIEF SUMMARY Virtual learning is a learning experience that is enhanced through utilizing computers and/or the internet both outside and inside the facilities of the educational organization. The instruction most commonly takes place in an online environment. The teaching activities…

Minute Meetings

The minute meeting is a very short meeting with every student in the building. It can use forms that are very short, where the students answer yes or no. There are no lengthy responses required. 


INvestEd is an Indiana not-for-profit that has been helping Hoosier families access and fund education for over 35 years.

Gap Year

A gap year is an "experiential semester of year ‘on,' typically taken between high school and college in order to deepen practical, professional, and personal awareness" (American Gap Year Association).


Racism refers to a variety of practices, beliefs, social relations, and phenomena that work to reproduce a racial hierarchy and social structure that yield superiority, power, and privilege for some, and discrimination and oppression for others. It can take several forms, including representational, ideological, discursive, interactional, institutional, structural, and systemic

Civics Education

Under Senate Enrolled Act 132, Indiana high schools must administer the naturalization exam as provided by US Citizenship and Immigration Services in a US government credit awarded course (includes AP Government and any Dual Credit Government).

Physical Restraint

Children and adolescents may need to be physically restrained because of disruptive behavior or to prevent injury to themselves or others. The use of restraint for a child or adolescent requires clear indications, safe application, reassessment guidelines, and use only after the consideration of alternative methods.


BRIEF SUMMARY Marketing and public relations strategies can provide a framework for a reframed model of parent engagement. KEY POINTS Marketing = creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for students/parents Public relations = growing the name of…

Test Optional

Test-optional policies give college applicants the choice of whether or not to submit their standardized test scores (ACT or SAT) with their application for admission.